We’ve Got a Lot of Fresh Ideas to Share SOON



Being a long time lover of BBQ, telling a good story and helping friends and strangers with BBQ and Low and Slow tips, I thought it fitting that I should start up my own website and create content on all things BBQ. No matter whether your preferences are for hot and fast or low and slow, veggies or carnivore fare, LPG/Propane or Charcoal or Stick or Pellet grills, traditional smoking woods or something new age or out of left field, I’ll try to cover it in my Burning Embers BBQ blog or upcoming Burning Embers BBQ YouTube channel at some point in time.

My BBQ obsession really kicked in to overdrive during the early stages of the COVID-19 pandemic.  I had lots of time at home rather than commuting for work, and I could spend more time with my family and cooking dinner.  I discovered different ways to cook old favourites.  Different cuts of meat you can’t find in a supermarket or grocery store.  Many different kinds of woods, accessories, kinds of BBQs and grills and smokers.  I hope to bring an Australian flavour to my content, while being accessible world wide. 

This Week’s Featured POST

This week we’re featuring our Pulled Pork Collar.  Smaller than a Boston Butt, it’s all the things you’ll love about pulled pork but in a fraction of the time.